Shapely onion seeks tasty tart

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There are layers to me – strip them down – but I might make you cry.

If I’m lucky enough to get a date, I’d like to get ready with some butter and brown sugar. But my perfect partner would be goats cheese so we can get flaky with some pastry.

Personal info

Lives: Keepin’ cool in a dry, dark apartment (well, it’s more of a cupboard really)
WLTM: some goats cheese so we can get flaky with some pastry

Other potential matches

I’m feeling kinda lucky - who will be my match today?

Red onion goat's cheese tart
This easy and delicious recipe from Chef Neil Forbes of Café St Honore is perfect as a starter, main or even for your party food table.
Spring onion pancakes
A favourite at Chinese restaurants, these moreish pancakes can be served in the place of bread with many meals, or with a spicy dipping sauce as part of a Chinese-style meal.

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