• If you have leftover cooked potatoes to use, from the fridge or freezer, why not try this delicious, simple recipe from Blas y Tir …

  • A great dish for making the most of any spare spuds lurking in your cupboards. Traditionally potato babka would be eaten as a side dish but it could easily be used as a tasty vegetarian main.

  • The P7 class at Alexandra Parade Primary School were winners of our Halloween-themed 'Don't Be Afraid of Your Leftovers' school competition in partnership with Scottish Business in the Co

  • This simple sponge pudding is a Blizzard family favourite.The sponge sits on a yummy layer of your choice and is perfect for using up all sorts of sweet foods.

  • Puff pastry transforms unappetizing left-over vegetables into a brand new dish!

  • This recipe transforms leftover lettuce into a truly delicious snack that is perfect to serve to guests at a dinner party or to pack up on a picnic.

  • Pretty much any leftover veggies can be added to this curry, and it's also great for reheating for lunch the next day.

  • This delicious recipe can be made using any type of leftover mashed root vegetable, and if you don't have any chives, try using a mixture of finely chopped onions and leeks.

  • A great way to use up leftover haggis, neeps and tatties!