recipes 10 - 20 mins

  • Traditionally in South Africa a pot of this spicy warming sweet and sour fruit mince would get started and then be kept on the stove all winter, adding more meats, vegetables and fruits as it got used u

  • This works well as a family dish as the children like the sweet and sour flavours. The pork is beautifully succulent and this recipe works just as well if you use turkey meat.

  • If you have leftover dips in the fridge they can be put to inspiring culinary uses. Dips can also be nutritious and using up every bit in the pot can save money too.

  • The filling is again very much down to what you have got leftover that needs using up from your fridge.

  • These are best made and eaten the same day, but equally freeze well.

  • This recipe uses up all those half eaten jars of pesto and dressings from the fridge and cupboards.

  • This is a basically a slightly fancy cheese on toast, great for making use of leftover ends of cheeses and bread - don’t feel afraid of mixing different types together if you have a few different types