Sauerkraut with caraway seeds

The Edinburgh Fermentarium
20 - 30 mins

We caught up with Ruth from The Edinburgh Fermentarium to get her top tips on fermenting this classic cabbage concoction – sauerkraut.

A 1 litre kilner jar, sterilised
750g cabbage
15g sea salt (I use 2% of the weight of the veg)
1 tsp caraway seeds
Peel that cabbage and save an outer leaf larger than the mouth of your jar.
Finely slice the cabbage by hand or in a food processor.
Place in a bowl and add the caraway and salt. Leave to sit for 30 minutes
Massage cabbage. Squeezing or pounding until the cabbage releases a lot of liquid.
Transfer the mixture into the jar pressing down firmly until all of the cabbage is below the liquid.
Cut the saved leaf to slightly larger than the mouth of your jar and tuck it in around the edges.
Leave to ferment from anywhere between 15 days and 1 year. Making sure to burp the jar daily to let the gas escape. I usually ferment for about 4 weeks.
Taste regularly and when you are happy with the flavour and texture refrigerate it.