Homemade gravy


You’re probably roasting a turkey this Christmas, so we’ve got the perfect recipe for homemade gravy to go along with it!

1 pint of water, and as much extra as you need to reach your desired consistency
Celery, carrot and onion, roughly chopped
Vegetable peelings from your Christmas dinner
1 chicken stock cube
1 tbsp plain flour
Firstly, roast your bird on a trivet of roughly cut veg – celery, carrots and onions - which will give you a flavourful base for your gravy. You can also add some herbs towards the end of the roasting time if you like. Rosemary, thyme and sage all work well.
While you’re preparing the veg for your Christmas dinner, keep the peelings. Yes, really! Add about a pint of water to a saucepan and bring it to the boil, adding peelings from your carrots, parsnips and onions along the way. Vegetable and herb skins, ends, whatever you’ve got – it all adds flavour!
When your turkey is cooked, leave it to rest and finish the gravy.
Add the stock cube to your pan of water, and put your turkey pan on the hob. Using a potato masher, start to break up the veg left in the pan. It should be very dark and caramelised – don’t worry if it looks burnt!
Add the flour to the pan, then pour in your liquid stock and keep mashing until it’s all well mixed and thickened up.
Pass the gravy back into the pan through a sieve to catch all the bits of veg, then season to taste, and keep warm until you need to use it. Add in any juices that gather from the turkey for even more flavour!