Haggis burrito

10 - 20 mins

A Scottish twist on a Mexican classic, you can customise these wraps with anything you have to hand, from leftover neeps to fresh tomatoes.

Soft tortilla wraps (1 per burrito)
Any leftover haggis you have
Rice (use leftovers if you have them, just remember to use rice within 24 hours of cooking it and reheat until piping hot)
Grated cheese (about a handful)
Salsa and sour cream to serve
Warm your wrap in the microwave for around 20 seconds, to make it easier to fold.
Arrange the rice in a mound in the centre of the wrap, then add the haggis, cheese, guacamole, and any extra condiments or vegetables you like.
Fold the tortilla in at either side, then fold the bottom half up to the top, tuck the tortilla edge under the filling, and roll up so it becomes burrito-shaped!
Heat a griddle pan on a medium heat, and toast the outside of the burrito for around 4 minutes either side until warm.
Serve with salsa and sour cream on the side.