It All Adds Up

There’s nothing like mealtimes to help us get creative and get together with people we love. Saving food does a lot more than just saving money – and every single slice of bread, potato and chicken breast saved makes a difference. It's good for our communities, our country and our planet, as well as our pockets.

Here in Scotland, many of us are already doing our bit to use more of the food we buy each week. Between us, we saved £92 million on our household budgets by reducing what we binned from our homes by 7% between 2009 and 2014. Not to mention saving 140,000 tonnes of CO2 a year - that’s like saving the climate change emissions from driving around the world 14 times. Just imagine how much we will all save when we meet the 2025 Scottish Government food waste target of reducing food waste by 33%! So, keeping good food out of the bin really does make a difference.

What’s next? How does it all add up? And how can we make sure we’re working together to drive an even bigger change? Take a look at what others are doing and think about what you can do to make a difference where you live – from the people going the extra mile, to the schools doing their bit to inspire a new generation.

“Between us, we’re saving £3.3 billion a year compared with 2007.”

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  • Prue Leith started her catering company Leith's Good Food and opened the Michelin-starred restaurant Leith's in the 1960s. In the 1970s she started Leith's School of Food and Wine and has since opened several training restaurants and a catering college in South Africa.

  • Social inclusion organisation Men United invited us along to support them in helping men over 55 years to get food-saving savvy, make their food last longer and feel good about cooking for one, on a budget.

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  • As part of our 10 Cities initiative in Belfast, we worked with the Indian Community Centre on Clifton Street to help their volunteers incorporate food-saving hints and tips in their activities within the community.

  • We helped JIGSO – a children’s charity in Cardigan – to share food-saving tips and advice with over 300 families in South West Wales, to help make their shopping budgets go further and make the most of the food they buy.

  • It takes water, energy, fuel and packaging to produce the food we love. It's a valuable resource and about half of what we throw away every year comes from UK households. If we all do our bit, we could save up to 7 million tonnes of food every year – here's how you can start with the simple spud.

  • We teamed up with kitchenware specialist Lakeland to help them make the most of their practical ideas with customers – from everyday utensils to the latest cookware.

  • In partnership with Clear Pharmacy, we met the lovely local people of Mount Merrion to run a food-saving session focusing on health and wellbeing. The event was a big hit with everyone, helping residents to make the most of every mouthful.