Yes, you can use your microwave to defrost

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Chances are, you have a shiny little box in your kitchen that you occasionally use to reheat a cup of tea, or last night’s mac & cheese. But did you know you can also use your microwave – perfectly safely – to defrost your frozen meat, fish, veg, leftovers…anything really, in mere minutes?

Well, until recently, some of us at Love Food Hate Waste didn’t!

Here are our top tips for using your microwave to defrost:

  1. If you froze your food in its original packaging, remove it first.
  2. Pop your food on a microwave-safe plate and cover it with a non-metallic cover. 
  3. Microwave using the ‘defrost’ setting, or a meat/poultry defrosting programme.
  4. Always check the packaging for microwave defrosting instructions, like guidance on turning, stirring, or standing times.
  5. Make sure your food is fully thawed.
  6. Always cook food that’s been defrosted in the microwave straightaway.

The good news is, when defrosting meat or poultry, it doesn’t matter whether it was frozen or fresh before cooking: you can still use the leftovers to make a delicious new meal (such as a curry) which can then be frozen. If you’re reheating defrosted cooked meat or poultry, make sure it’s piping hot before serving and only reheat it once.