We shop without checking what we’ve already got at home. We boil too much rice because who knows how much to cook? We leave salads to wilt in their bags, chuck out half a loaf of bread and end up with cartons of out-of-date milk because we bought a spare, just in case. When it comes to food we are spoilt for choice.

…but we can all avoid being spoiled rotten

Together, we can stop food being wasted by making some small and simple changes that will benefit us and our planet. Here’s three ways to get started:


Portion Planning

Plan your portions

This everyday portion planner will provide you with guidance on how much food you need for each person and meal.

The big freeze

Get freezer friendly

Consider buying frozen fruit, it lasts longer, and it's great for smoothies.

A penny saved

Money saving tips

How to save money in the supermarket, without buying more than you need.

Shop Smart

What's going in your basket?

It's not a bargain if it ends up in the bin! If you won't eat it in time, leave it on the shelf.

Fridge Shelfie

Take a #FridgeShelfie

Snap a picture of your fridge before you shop so you don't double up. #FridgeShelfie

Choose loose

Break free from big bags

Give loose apples and potatoes a go so you don't waste the rest of the pack.

1 in 5

We throw away the equivalent of one in every five bags of food shopping

Just over

6.5M Tonnes

of food is wasted in UK households every single year. That's enough to fill the Royal Albert Hall 130 times over!

£60 a month

is the amount that the average family of four could save by reducing thier food waste


Almost half the milk we throw away is wasted because it's not used in time.

Spuds are the most common food we buy too much of. UK households throw away an average of 170 potatoes every year.

Did you know that 860,000 apples get thrown away every single day in the UK?.