Putting Storage Centre Stage

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It might not be the most glamorous or unusual performance, but this daily kitchen routine can help you save food, save money, and save the planet. We’d give it a five-star review.

But how can you put this into practice? To get the best out of your fruit and veg and really put storage centre stage, key things to consider is to keep moisture from escaping and don’t let the food be exposed to the air the fridge, and what would the solution be – that’s a wrap! Keep food wrapped up for best results but for more specific advice see our main acts below and let us know how you get on.


First off, further investigation would suggest that putting lemon juice on avocado does not in fact have the desired results. For your best performance, keep the stone in if possible and wrap the avocado in clingfilm or beeswax wrap before placing it in the fridge.

(Some industry insider knowledge – if you want to ripen your avocado quicker store it with some bananas which will make other fruit ripen faster.)


The next star on our list is often rumoured to do better placed upright in a glass of water but that’s just not true. Store carrots in an airtight container lined with a paper towel or cloth, in fridge. Storing carrots in this way could keep them running for up to 10 times longer. Keeping celery in this way works well too!


Dampen the broccoli with water then wrap it in paper towels or cloth and place in a sealed bag in the fridge. This broccoli will be head and shoulders above the rest with this routine.

Bagged salad

Often the worst offender at giving up quickly, bagged salad will last up to 2 days longer if it is kept in an airtight container in the fridge lined with wet paper or cloth. Put it to the test.

Food waste is nothing to laugh about but by juggling in a few extra Tupperware boxes or items in your fridge you can magic your waste away and put storage centre stage.