Potatoes lead the way in water-saving growing tech

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"Did you know that a potato is 75% water? Well if there's one company that does it's Walkers – one of the UK's most popular crisp producers.

They know only too well that the process of manufacturing crisps is water and energy intensive: from cleaning, cutting and slicing, through to baking – when much of the water from the potato is released into the atmosphere through a chimney stack.

That's why the owners of Walkers, PepsiCo, have been pioneering a new technology to capture some of the water that is lost in the crisp manufacturing process. “iCrop” allows for the direct and specific application of water throughout potato growing fields. It also means that water from the potato can be captured from steam and reused after a simple water treatment process.

Ultimately, potato growers hope to be able to use this water in the cleaning process. And gazing even further into the future, there's the potential for factories to be taken off the national water grid – boosting water supplies to the local economy and reducing energy and water bills for the company.

There are already real-world application for this saved water – the starchy water from the washing of potatoes could be used in anaerobic digesters. It's a move in the right direction for big agribusiness and one we champion at Love Food Hate Waste.

Find out how iCrop technology is reducing water wastage for UK potato growers – contributing to more environmentally friendly food production