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Everything started when I was four. Grandma one day told me: “Well… now you are old enough to start learning how to take care of your family”. Both her and mum had lived during World War II and they knew hunger and misery. There was no way they would waste anything at home. Respect for food and for the people who produce it was the main theme at the beginning and at the end of every meal.
In my region of Italy (Emilia Romagna) we learn to make pasta before going to school (just in case later on you try to use homework as an excuse!). I’m now a Grandma myself and am still making pasta…. I’ve added some variations: my pasta is flavoured and coloured. I run a small business, Pasta Time, and together with my daughter, my son and my daughter-in-law, we try to pass down this amazing tradition and these important skills. The photo is of me at work, making pasta.
No food is wasted in my home. There is always a recipe to use up any leftovers in a tasty way.
My interest in food has brought my skills to Scotland and allowed me to complete an MSc in Gastronomy (even though I’m not so young anymore!).
Talking about our food, especially food that we buy and… you know… it can happen that sometimes we buy too much of something and we don’t eat as much as we thought we would. Today I want to highlight tomatoes…. Yes, exactly… I’m talking about those withered tomatoes you bought thinking you would have some heathy salad… they are still there, looking at you from the bottom drawer of the fridge. Or, if you grow your own tomatoes, particularly right now you may have far too many as they all ripen together and you need to use them up.
The best way to use them is a fresh tomato sauce that you can use over the next few days for your pasta. So I’m sharing the original recipe from my granny; feel free to modify it. Or if you don’t have big tomatoes but some cherry tomatoes and need to use up some courgettes. No worries! We can have pasta or scrambled eggs with vegetables.
Buon appetito!