Juicy apple, lovable to the core

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Love Food
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I’m on the round side but so easy going, I’d go with anything.

I’ve been left on the shelf, although you might not notice as I’ve been chilled out in the fridge, the way I like it. I’m looking for some cinnamon to stew down with, and a dollop of ice cream.

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Lives: Chillin’ in the fridge
WLTM: some cinnamon to stew down with, and a dollop of ice cream

Other potential matches

I’m feeling kinda lucky - who will be my match today?

Crunchy fruit and oat crumble
Crumbles are fantastic for a cosy warm pudding. This version is much lower in fat than traditional crumble and great for using up all sorts of odds and ends.
Mixed fruit pancakes
Pancakes are a great way to turn leftovers into an exciting meal. These are loved by children, or ideal as a quick brunch or teatime snack.

*We encourage people to eat food that’s safe to eat. Guidance states that food is fine past its best before or display until date (sell by), although food should not be consumed after the use by date but can be frozen up until this date.