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    Enjoys food and cooking

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    Researches the cause

This group has mastered the art of making the most of their food. You love food and cooking and see it as a hobby that you enjoy spending time on. It helps that you're probably financially stable and have a little bit more time on your hands than some of the other groups, or than you might have done in the past. While you may occasionally throw food away, you have the skills and confidence to find alternative uses for food that might not be quite at its best. You know how to keep your food fresh and to make it last longer by putting things in the right place and using your freezer.

You like reading about food, current affairs and world issues, and you value evidence, facts and statistics that broaden and deepen your knowledge and understanding. You’re happy to share your food-saving hints and tips, and you understand what Love Food Hate Waste, and other similar organisations, are all about.

Help us help others learn to make the most of the food they love by joining the Love Food Hate Waste community and sharing a few of your favourite leftover recipes.

Top tips for the Ideal Advocate:

Share some of your favourite leftover recipes with the Love Food Hate Waste community