How to host a Leftover Lunch

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How to host a Leftover Lunch

This year, to support European Week for Waste Reduction, we’re focusing on ways that we can look at saving good food from going to waste by sharing. One of the things you can do to join in, is organise a Leftover Lunch with your friends or colleagues.

What is a Leftover Lunch?

A Leftover Lunch is a communal meal, where people come together and share food in a way that encourages them to think about sustainability and reducing food waste. Not only is it a fun and sociable event, it’s also a great way to get creative about ways to reduce the amount of food you end up throwing away.

How do I organise a Leftover Lunch?

It’s easy to host a Leftover Lunch, all you need you need to do is choose a date and spread the word! If you’re having a Leftover Lunch in your workplace, try sending an email round and add it into people’s calendars so they don’t forget. If you’re hosting the lunch in your own home, why not speak to guests in advance in order to maximise resources!

What should I bring to a Leftover Lunch?

There are a few different things you can bring to your Leftover Lunch:

  • Have a fridge forage and make a sharing dish with things you already have at home.

  • If you’ve made a big batch of something, bring in the leftovers rather than freezing the excess.

  • Speak to the other attendees in advance and pool your ingredients, you’ll be amazed at all the delicious things you’ll be able to whip up!

  • If you don’t have time to cook something, why not take a look at the ‘Reduced’ section at your local supermarket? Keep an eye out for those yellow stickers


Other handy Leftover Lunch tips

  • Try to ensure there isn't too much food for the number of attendees, this could lead to waste.

  • Get attendees to bring in Tupperware so that they can take any Leftover Lunch leftovers home (but make sure that nothing that has been previously frozen is frozen again).

  • Be inspired by other cultures, you might discover a novel way to use up extra potatoes!

  • Have fun - it's a great opportunity to have a natter and enjoy some delicious food!

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