Got beef? Get this recipe.

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We’ve joined forces with Ayrshire butchers Carlyn and Alex Paton of 'We Hae Meat' to reveal their favourite family beef recipe, designed to help us make the most of our meat.

Whether it’s grabbing a sandwich on the go, tucking into a steak or a traditional roast dinner, beef is at the heart of many Scots’ menus.

But, just like the rest of the UK, Socts don’t always make the most of their meat. Figures show that Scottish households waste 2,900 tonnes of beef, the equivalent of 26 million burgers, each year. And when food waste from Scottish homes is ranked in order of the value of the food thrown away, meat and fish are at the top of that list.

An astonishing £190 million worth is being thrown away each year. Beef, lamb, pork and poultry waste alone comes to a mighty 22,000 tonnes, worth £140 million. Join ‘We Hae Meat’ to make this a thing of the past, and cook up some delicious leftover meat treats.

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