Get involved: What's in your kitchen?

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What's it all about? ‘What’s in your kitchen?’ is a recipe pack that’s all about making the most of the food we love and includes 15 delicious recipes – from soups and starters to hearty mains and versatile sweets – along with hints, tips and useful alternatives to help you create great food by using up what you already have. Each recipe was contributed by a different partner we’ve worked with, each bringing their own perspective on how they value food and how we can all do our bit to save good food from going to waste. The Scottish Government knows how much of an impact food waste has on our wallets and the environment and that’s why it has committed to reducing food waste in this country by 33% by 2025. With the help of the ‘What’s in your kitchen?’ pack you can help meet this target without even leaving your home. How can I get involved? In addition making use of the recipe pack itself, each recipe and tip is accompanied by individual cards, a short video and social media posts that you can share on your own Facebook, Twitter, or web pages. All of this can be downloaded here.