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    Waste not, want not

You appreciate having a consistent routine which could include a big weekly shop along with little and regular shops to top up what's in the fridge. Despite not being pushed for time, food is a low priority for you so you're not always keen on shopping lists or meal plans for the week which feel like they could take more more time than you really want to spend on this part of your life. Unfortunately this can mean that you have too much food at home and some that could have been eaten ends up being thrown in the bin. Although you have a strong moral ‘waste not, want not’ approach, you don't always notice just how much of your food is thrown away.

Making the most of your freezer will help you manage your food better if shopping lists and meal plans really aren't for you. Measuring out the perfect portion of foods like pasta and rice will also help you limit leftovers which you might not always know what to do with.

Find out more about how to make your food go further by making the most of your freezer.

Top tips for the Functional Fueller:

Measure out portions of foods like pasta and portatoes to avoid waste

Freeze meal leftovers to reheat later