Food waste hero - Donna Rodgers

Meet the Food Waste Heroes making a difference in their communities.
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We met up with Food Waste Hero Donna Rodgers, Project Officer at Forth Environment Link in Stirling to find out about her best food-saving tips and why she is so passionate about stopping food waste.

Why is preventing food waste important to you?

The sourcing and preparation of food may be a necessity, but it is also one of the great delights of living on our planet.  Cultivating and experimenting with nature’s larder has enabled us to grow healthy and strong, develop our brains, and given us pure joy.  In a world of finite resources but growing demand, the traditional appreciation of the importance of food as a precious resource needs to be nurtured.  This is why it is so important to me to encourage individuals and communities to be proactive in preventing food waste where we can and make this part of a culture that celebrates food in the 21st Century.

What are you doing to prevent food waste?

In my working capacity I work with schools, community groups and individuals to prevent food waste by valuing the time and energy they put into to growing, buying and cooking food. Personally, I now shop more often but buy less, making sure I always have stock cubes so that leftovers can be turned into a healthy soup.

What is your top tip for cutting down on food waste?

Make time to plan and prepare your meals – cooking from scratch will help to reduce your food waste and you will feel more in control of what you buy and eat.  This will probably be cheaper and tastier as well!

Share your favourite leftovers recipe with us!

Make pasties.  Most cultures have a version of the pasty.  This is a great way to use up any leftovers.  Our favourite is the Sunday lunch leftovers. Add everything together even the scrapings of the gravy. Wrap it up in a pastry parcel (handy to keep pre-made pastry in the freezer), brush with egg or a little milk and bake - medium oven for 30mins.  A useful addition to our lunchboxes.

Finally, what advice would you give someone who wants to cut down on their food waste but isn’t sure where to start?

Shop more but buy less.  Make a list when you do and have a clear, realistic idea not only of what you intend to do with what you buy but also when.   Keep a supply of standard ingredients – stock, herbs, spices  –  that can add flavour to any leftovers.