Cream of the summer crop

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The cream of the summer crop, strawberries are surely one of the greatest foods of the Scottish summer. Our love for this berry runs deep. According to the Scottish National Farmers Union, Scottish producers grow 25,000 tonnes of strawberries a year. While much of this is exported, we also love to eat our Scottish-grown berries, with sales and pick your own farms hitting peak time in July.
Strawberries are also highly perishable and we’d hate to see them contribute to the scary statistics of the £79 million worth of fresh fruit wasted from homes in Scotland every year.
So how can we keep them fresher for longer? Storage is key:
• Bring your strawberries to room temperature before serving. But if you are not going to eat your strawberries within a few hours, store them in the fridge. Otherwise they will go off quickly, especially with the summer we’ve been having!
• Don’t remove the stem until the last minute and don’t wash your berries until you are about to eat them. Wet strawberries get mouldy easier.
• If you notice a bad berry, remove it. Mould spreads so pick it out before it gets to the other ones.
• If you are running out of time to enjoy your strawberries at their best, you can freeze them. Remove the stems, slice or halve them, freeze on a baking sheet until solid and then transfer them into an airtight container. Use instead of ice cubes in your summer drink, for baking or in smoothies.