Brilliant batch cooking with The Batch Lady

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The Batch Lady, aka Suzanne Mulholland, is seriously savvy! Her time-saving, food-waste fighting approach to making tasty meals is brilliant, and especially helpful at this time. As well as giving us some amazing recipe inspiration she also shared some of her top tips!  

  1. Meal planning makes it easy! 

Suzanne recommends making a meal plan in advance, for 5 out of the 7 days of the week. We’re all about meal planning, and giving yourself a couple of flexible days means you are less likely to waste. So if you fancy supporting your local takeaway or fancy something from the freezer - there’s a bit of wiggle room!  

  1. Why make one when you can make two?  

As her name suggests, The Batch Lady is all about batch cooking and doubling up on meals for later. This is actually a great way to prevent food waste, as you’re more likely to use up a whole pack of herbs or a bag of potatoes. It’s a good habit to get into when you’re shopping less too as it means you end up with a freezer full of healthy meals for future enjoyment! 

  1. Prep now, save time later.  

When you’ve got some spare time, Suzanne recommends prepping ingredients and freezing them for further down the line. She freezes raw ingredients in bags together and all she has toto do is defrost the bag and cook it! Freezing food presses pause on its deterioration so this is an excellent way to preserve fresh produce! 

Try it yourself and make The Batch Lady's Sweet and Savoury Calzones as well as Luxury Fish Chowder and Fish Pie.