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You might still be mastering the art of cooking, but you're certainly off to an enthusiastic flying start. This group loves to try new and novel foods, and is partial to eating out or ordering a takeaway at the click of a button. You tend to be health conscious and are inspired by exciting recipes which you often access on your phone or tablet and replicate at home. However, your busy social life can lead to last minute meal changes - you just can't resist that invite for a drink after work (and why should you!?) - which means the food you planned to eat can end up in the kitchen bin. Of all the groups, this one cares the most about the environment but Aspirational Discoverers don't always make the connection between the little things they can do to use up the food they buy and the big impact collective action will have on environment.

When unexpected social invitations beckon, take a moment to think about how you can manage the food you already have in your fridge and cupboards. Most fresh fruit and veg can be chopped up and frozen, ready to use when you need it. Even bread and other bakery products can go in the freezer too. Why not make up some sandwiches with your favourite fillings and pop them in the freezer. Take out first thing in the morning and they'll be defrosted for lunch - good for your pocket and the environment too.

Find out more about how the small changes you make at home to manage your food can add up to big changes for the environment and your pocket too.

Top tips for the Aspirational Discoverer:

Chop up and freeze fresh fruit and vegetables to use later

Freeze bread and other bakery products to use as and when you need