13 ideas for leftover Easter treats

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Four ideas for leftover chocolate

Leftover chocolate – what’s that you might say? But yes – it does exist. In fact, each year in the UK, 18,000 tonnes of chocolate and sweets is thrown away from our homes! Sometimes we can have too much of a good thing, and it might seem like a good idea to avoid temptation and start a fresh. Or the little ones might not have the same self-discipline. So here are some ideas of what to use with them.

Chocolate cornflake cakes
It’s an oldie but goldie! These crispy little cornflake cakes are easy to make and are a real hit for children of all ages to make too. Try them with other plain cereals, or pop a few mini eggs on the top to make a little nest.

Chocolate covered frozen banana
Need a hiatus from chocolate for a while? Maybe you’ve got bananas that are starting to go a bit brown? Get some chocolate – melt it, put your peeled bananas onto a grease proof tray, smother it with the chocolate, insert a lolly stick and pop into the freezer. Chocolate covered frozen bananas are a super treat that can be kept until the summer.

Cream cheese marble brownies
Gooey chocolate, coffee, cream cheese – need further convincing? This recipe is perfect for those wanting a little bit more pizazz.

Chocolate, walnut and blueberry biscuit cake slices
These are a real treat, and you can use up the broken bits of biscuits at the bottom of the tin, or those that are starting to go a bit squidgy. This is a good one if you’ve got quite a bit of chocolate left.

Four ideas for leftover hot cross buns

We can be creatures of habit, and many of us will get breads, buns and rolls out of habit. And at Easter there are all those hot cross buns, and well, it would be rude not to wouldn’t it?! In fact, in the UK we throw away about 450,000 tonnes of bakery items per year, at a cost of £860 million collectively. Hot cross buns are the ultimate comfort snack – warm, toasted and smothered in melted butter, but they could be so much more than just that. Here are our tips…

Hot cross chocolate bread and butter pudding
A classic - made from two things that are the quintessential taste of Easter – chocolate, and hot cross buns. Use our recipe and just swap bread for hot cross bun. Plus – you can freeze it!

Crispy toppings
When bread goes stale, it’s doesn’t have to be the end. We always say that there’s lots of ways to bring your bread back to life, such as blitzing it up and making it into breadcrumbs for crispy coatings. Hot cross buns can be made into sweet toppings – try this recipe out and replace the donut with them.

Freeze it!
You can freeze most bakery products – including bread, cakes and you guessed it, hot cross buns. You can take them out and toast them from frozen, and when toasted many people wouldn’t even notice the difference – after all, they don’t call them cold cross buns do they?

French toast with honey
Indulge yourself with this breakfast treat which can be adapted using a hot cross bun – serve with a creamy dollop of Greek yoghurt and voila – you have a delicious start to your day.

Five ideas for leftover lamb

Easter is often a time for families to get together – many of whom opt for the traditional roast lamb around the table, with all the trimmings of course. But surprisingly, around 7,000 tonnes of it ends up in the bin over the course of the year, which has a hefty price tag of £78 million associated. We get that lamb isn’t always the obvious choice for cold leftovers the next day, so here are some ideas on ways to reinvent your lamb…

Leftover lamb Rogan Josh curry
Once you get a whiff of the fragrant smell, you’ll know that you’ve made the right decision with this Rogan Josh recipe. If you’ve got leftover roast lamb, some onions, tomatoes and some of the store cupboard essential spices, then you’re onto a winner.

Leftover lamb pasties
Only got a teeny tiny amount of roast lamb leftover? Then a leftover lamb pasty could be the answer. This makes for a nice filling lunch and you can also chuck all your leftover veggies in there too.

Grilled lamb pittas
Fresh and zingy - your leftover lamb tucked away into a pitta pocket filled with crunchy salad, herbs and spices is reinvented into something altogether new.

Leftover cheats lamb biriyani
Feeling lazy? Feeling ravenous? Before you reach for the phone to order that takeaway – just bear in mind that this dish takes just five minutes to prepare, and 15 minutes to cook. Go ahead – give it a whirl and see for yourself.

Moroccan crispy lamb flatbreads
What makes this dish is the addition of the store cupboard spices that you might have in your cupboard. For a quick, easy and satisfying supper, this is something worth trying.