• A gammon joint is such a versatile thing to cook - bake it once and then have leftovers for the next few days! Sweet potatoes and peas are the perfect accompaniment, too.

  • This veggie stir-fry comes with extra savoury crunch thanks to a generous sprinkling of chopped cashew nuts. If you have small children, feel free to omit the cashews from their portions and add in any other veg you might have in the fridge.

  • Soup-making is made super simple with this quick recipe for a light and summery lunchtime meal. It can easily be adapted to work with whatever green or summer veggies or garden herbs you have at home. Cooking the pasta separately helps stop it from absorbing all the soup stock.

  • Carbonara is a satisfying pasta night favourite, and always a great way to use up leftover ham or bacon. Here, we’re using a couple of slices of baked gammon to give this simple dish loads of flavour!


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