• As in the UK, a lot of potatoes are thrown away in Norway too. Potato is a versatile ingredient that can be the base of many delicious dishes and pastries. What about making muffins with today's leftovers? Here is a sweet version.

  • A great dish for making the most of any spare spuds lurking in your cupboards. Traditionally potato babka would be eaten as a side dish but it could easily be used as a tasty vegetarian main.

  • Michael and Savanah were winners of our Halloween-themed 'Don't Be Afraid of Your Leftovers' school competition in partnership with Scottish Business in the Community and Good Family Food.

  • As part of her Home Economics class, Alex entered our Halloween-themed 'Don't Be Afraid of Your Leftovers' school competition.


What To Do

  • It’s that time of year again when organisations, businesses, schools and individuals from across Europe are encouraged to take action to reduce waste. This year the week is running from 18-26 November and we want YOU to get involved!

  • If you still need convincing about lunching on leftovers, we have some handy tips to having a lovely lunch to look forward to, to get you through those long meetings and deadlines at work...

Why Save Food