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  • Tune into @BBCSouthToday tonight at 6:35pm to hear our household food waste expert, Helen White, talk about the impact wasting food has on climate change. #FoodWasteActionWeek #ClimateChange #LFHW

  • Getting your portions right can stop food ending up in the bin Did you know, a mugful of dry rice will cook enough for four adults?

    Try our portion planner to serve up a perfect amount!

    #FoodWasteActionWeek #LoveFoodHateWaste

  • Tune into @BBCDevon at 3.10pm today to hear our Special Advisor for Household Food Waste, Helen White, talking about our very first #FoodWasteActionWeek. Listen out for top tips on how to prevent food waste in the home. #ClimateChange

  • Together we can reduce food waste and the impact it has on climate change! Take a look at this feature in @Telegraph for some great insights and tips