• This smoothie comes from our fantastic liquid greens machine which launched in London's Borough Market in 2014, made from foods commonly thrown away from our homes on a daily basis just because we've let them 'go off'. This is just one example of many smoothies available.

  • This recipe is great for using up soft fruit past it’s best, but not when it’s gone so far that it has reached the mouldy stage – at this point the compost is the best place for them! This fruit jam is more like a compote than a normal jam and needs to be eaten within a few days.

  • We waste around thirty-seven million slices of bread every single day in the UK just from our homes. This is a great recipe for making the most of any bread you have that needs using up

  • A favourite at Chinese restaurants, these moreish pancakes can be served in the place of bread with many meals, or with a spicy dipping sauce as part of a Chinese-style meal.


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  • Spuds can be really sweet sometimes. Isn't that right (potato) muffin?
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