• In this case, made with leftover wild mushroom risotto and stale end slices of a white loaf of bread. Crunchy on the outside with a hit of rosemary and gooey mushroomy and cheesy goodness on the inside.

  • Italian-style breadcrumbs, flavoured with herbs, garlic and lemon zest. Use generously to add a dash of texture and a pop of flavour to anything from pasta, soups, risotto and salads. Just sprinkle a good helping on top. I made this using the end slices of a brown bread loaf.

  • The perfect side dish to liven up your roasts – fact! This would go banging with lamb for your Sunday lunch, or indeed for a vegetarian/vegan mezze.

  • This stuffed apples recipe is simple to pull together, and makes for a great light bite with a mixed salad.


What To Do

Why Save Food

  • We have a range of food waste fighting activities and curriculum-linked lesson plans to get your waste warriors geared up to make the most of the good food we love in Scotland.

  • Every year in Scotland, a shocking 60 million meals will go to waste in December.

    In our fight against festive food waste, we’ve teamed up with Scotland’s National Chef and Masterchef: The Professionals winner, Gary Maclean.